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Twi Course

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Developed by the Foreign Service Institute for teaching diplomatic personnel, this book and MP3 course are perfect for independent or small group study. FSI courses are thorough, comprehensive, and widely regarded as the best available. Approximately 6 million West Africans, principally those living in southern Ghana, speak Twi. Since it is a tone language and each syllable in a word has its own tone or pitch, the audiocassettes are an indispensable aid in learning the language. The Twi Basic Course indicates tone by using diacritical marks. Unit one of this course consists of 48 drills of pairs of words that are distinguished by tone or consonant and vowel differences that often cause difficulty for speakers of English. Other units include basic dialogues, notes, and drills such as lexical, substitution, question and answer drills, and pattern. 8 CDs and text (6 hrs.), 240-p. text.