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Say It With Sign Video Course, Lessons 1-5

(in the MP4 video format, with H.264 encoding, playable on Apple and Windows platforms)
Welcome to the fun and easy way to learn ASL. Say It With Sign is the most comprehensive video series on sign language ever produced. This ASL video course conversational sign language in 40 lessons which have been compiled onto 10 DVDs, totaling 20 hours of viewing. Produced by Lawrence J. Solow, Ph.D. (audiology) and his wife Sharon. There are forty half-hour lessons in the Say It With Sign series, each containing a series of new signs, several fingerspelling exercises, and some sample dialogue given to teach conversational phrasing. Every 5th lesson is a review of the preceding 4 lessons. And now we are presenting Say It With Sign as downloads in the MP4 video format, using the high-quality H.264 encoding, playable on all Apple and Windows machines. 
Lesson 1: "Introduction to Sign Language"
Some of the signs in this lesson: stop, come here, please, smile, frown, type, piano, what, eat, good, banana, me, you, him/her/it, give, old, want, dog, yes, no.
Some of the dialogue in this lesson: just a minute I''''m eating; what are you eating?; I''''m eating a banana; is it good?; so-so; it''''s an old banana; give it to the dog, he wants the banana; no, I want the banana.
Fingerspelling practice words: CAB, AC, BAA, AB, BAC, CA, BA, ABC

Lesson 2: "More Signs You Already Know"
Some of the signs in this lesson: hello, baby, see, drink(cup), drink (bottle), milk, telephone, money, love, cry, bad, fine, how, tired, sorry, home, sleep, eat, fine
Some of the dialogue in this lesson: hi, I''''m home; how are you?; I''''m a little tired; I''''m fine; look at the baby, she''''s drinking milk; yes, she''''s a good baby
Fingerspelling practice words: BAD, DAB, ADD, DADA, DAD, BABA, DA
Lesson 3: "More Signs You Already Know"
Some of the signs in this lesson: how, feel, fine, sick, lousy, cold, hot, now, sorry, tired, better, please, but, become, thank you, yesterday, yes, no
Some of the dialogue in this lesson: hi, how do you feel?; I''''m sick; sick? Yesterday you were fine; yes, but yesterday was cold; it was cold and you became sick?; yes, now I feel lousy; I''''m sorry, I hope you feel better; thank you.
Fingerspelling practice words: BOOK, COD, BOD, COB, COOK, DO, BOO, COO, O.K.
Lesson 4: "Basic Conversation"
Some of the signs in this lesson: morning, noon, night, day, now, all day, you, better, how, yesterday, tomorrow, wonderful, happy, not, sleep, know, because, wake, why
Some of the dialogue in this lesson: how are you this morning?, I''''m really tired, why are you tired?, because last night the baby didn''''t sleep, I didn''''t know the baby didn''''t sleep, you were sleeping so well I didn''''t want to wake you, thank you yesterday I was very tired tonight you sleep, thank you I''''m happy.
Fingerspelling practice words: BAD, BED, BEBE, DEB, BEAD, DEAD, BEE, DEED, BADE, ED, EBB, BE
Lesson 5: Review of the more than 50 signs in lessons 1, 2, 3 and 4
Practice dialogue in this lesson: yesterday was wonderful; why was yesterday good?; because I saw the baby smile; why did she smile?; because I was playing the piano; I love it when you play the piano; thank you, I love to play the piano; you play the piano and the baby becomes happy, but when I type she cries; yes, it''s better to play the piano.