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Tagalog Course

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There is no doubt that the Philippines is a country that is growing significantly in every possible way. This country has a total of 7,107 islands and the predominant languages in most of them are Philipino and Tagalog. The Foreign Language Institute has created the most powerful way for anyone to be able to learn these languages in the least amount of time that is possible.

Proper learning methods will always cover proper writing and speaking techniques and this Philippine Headstart course is the answer to your needs!

Over 100 million people live in the Philippines and you will be able to communicate with most of them by learning the two most popular languages in the country. This is the knowledge that has an incredibly high level of value and it can make things extremely easy for you.

You can learn these incredible languages in a matter of months with the powerful FSI digital course for just $20!

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FSI Philippine Headstart Course, Digital Edition
Was $49, now $20
(with MP3 audio and PDF text)
This is the best course for learning to speak Philipino/Tagalog quickly. Conversation, dialogues and practical vocabulary are the focus of this course. The illustrated book includes course materials and a cultural guide. Each unit has different activities, including conversation and notes, exercises, and a self-evaluation quiz. Unit by unit objectives for each module are stated at the start of the module, and each module has a vocabulary at the end. This course was developed by the Defense Language Institute for use in its own renowned language school. This is a Digital Edition with MP3 audio files (equivalent to 13 CDs) and PDF text.