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Introductory Lakota Course

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Developed at Oglala Lakota College, this course focuses on teaching the student the sound and meaning of the Lakota language. This in-depth and complete college-level audio course focuses on teaching the student the sound and meaning of every part of the Lakota language. Recordings by native speakers are partnered with written practice exercises, included in the English alphabet, as Lakota was until recently only an oral language used by the Sioux—Sioux being a people of similar ethnic backgrounds that include Lakota speakers (the most numerous), Dakota, and Nakota Speakers.

 This course includes information on:

Lakota Sounds

—Greetings & Introductions

Gender & Speech Patterns

Kinship System - Immediate Family

—The Five Senses


Giving and Following Directions

—Time: Days of the Week, Time Expressions, Clock Time

—Months & Seasons

Colors, Money, Foods, and Animals.


Equivalent to 15 CDs and a 102-page text, this course is the most extensive and intensive learning program available on the Lakota language.


As everyone knows, learning an extra language is always an advantage, and TITLE by the Oglala Lakota College is the perfect way to expand your horizons.