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Do you want to learn French and speak this attractive language just like a native? Then the FSI French Course is the perfect resource for you! This course will enable you to understand spoken as well as written language, and, most importantly, speak fluently. Widely regarded as one of the best course available for learning French, the FSI French Course has been carefully designed and updated over the years so it covers the language comprehensively and provides a complete learning experience for every student. With the help of Monique Cossard, the Foreign Service French Staff has ensured that this course is up-to-date and full of modern, useful French!


The FSI French Course Digital Edition has been revised and improved from the original FSI French Course, with over 190 pages of content and 15 hours of audio. Aside from its attention to detail and easy-to-understand learning guide, the FSI French Course Digital Edition is also equipped with downloadable formats, fit for any device, with the audio material in MP3 format and text files as PDFs.


Unlike many other foreign language courses, the FSI French Course not only covers the basics of how to understand and speak French but also aims to give you an in-depth understanding of the language and how it works. You will be equipped with the vast vocabulary, learning several thousand French words and understand fully how to use them in sentences in real-life conversation.


Because of the breadth of the material, it is important that you learn at your own speed. The FSI French Course Digital Edition allows this, focusing on letting you retain the knowledge and not a need to rush through the course. If you dedicate yourself to this comprehensive course, we guarantee amazing results.


Included in FSI French Course Digital Edition:


—A detailed, comprehensive course: students will learn French thoroughly.

—Extensive Vocabulary: students will get familiarity with thousands of words.

—Excellent step-by-step approach. Students will be able to follow along at any stage.

Students can complete the course at their own pace.