American Business Phrases ESL Level 2 - spanishdownloads
American Business Phrases ESL Level 2 - spanishdownloads

American Business Phrases ESL Level 2

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Book and Audio (MP3 + PDFs)
Slang, Idioms & Jargon used in Business English
Now you can hear how natives really speak thanks to Slangman & audio programs If you want to understand real American Business English, you need to practice listening to real Americans. With Slangman's audio programs, you will be able to listen to more than two hours of dialogues, vocabulary, and exercises from the book and hear how Americans speak when they do business.
Here is what you will find in each MP3:
First, you will hear the opening dialogue spoken slowly (by native speakers) so that you can understand each word.
Next, you will hear the dialogue a second time. But this time, the dialogue will be presented at normal speed in order for you to get a realistic idea of how Americans really speak. In this second version of the dialogue, you will also hear all the popular contractions and reductions American use every day. And you can follow right along in your book because Slangman shows you the dialogue also written in Real Speak
After the dialogue, Slangman lets you hear the entire vocabulary section right from the book. That way, you get the opportunity to hear real American pronunciation again. And just like the dialogues, you will hear each usage example spoken slowly once, and then up to native speed!
Finally, you will hear exercises from each chapter as ear training and a great way to practice speaking like an American!
These MP3s were created by American native and slang expert "Slangman" David Burke, author of more than 30 books on slang and idioms.
There are no "dirty" or impolite expressions in this book.